Our Story

Valley Housing Solutions started with a simple mission: to provide the best housing possible for those in need. When Jose Garcia started this business early in 2022, he contacted traveling nurses in the Stockton and Modesto area to gather feedback on their needs and wants in the properties they would stay at. Very quickly, he found a common theme in the area, homes were poorly equipped for the traveling professionals, and there weren’t enough homes in the area. Shortly after, Jose started working with local landlords and apartment complexes on a solution to provide high-quality homes for traveling professionals. By setting a high standard for our properties, we have quickly expanded throughout the Central Valley area of California from Sacramento down to Fresno.

In 2023, Jose and his team expanded to help not only traveling professionals but also families displaced by natural disasters and unfortunate accidents. By providing well-equipped homes, these families have been able to continue living life without missing a beat. Providing homes in the same zip codes as their loss allows the entire family to be in their home away from home.

Our Team

Stephanie Bycroft

Housing Specialist